Roman Blinds in Perth from Chais Lund

Roman blinds offer the best of both worlds. When lowered, they offer a sophisticated look, and when raised, they present a casual appearance. It is often said that Roman blinds combine the warmth and luxury of a curtain, with the practicality of a blind. At Chais Lund we offer a range of luxurious fabrics for our Roman blinds, as well as offering an option for custom made Roman blinds to suit your décor and personal tastes, allowing you to create the mood that you desire in your home.

Roman Blinds in Perth from Chais Lund: Offering Privacy and Luxury

Whether you choose custom made Roman blinds or a standard option, you can be assured of a luxurious window covering for your home. We offer a number of different styles and trims, while also delivering a range of traditional blind fabrics.You can choose from either a chain or cord operated Roman blind, meaning that you have control of the light in the room at your fingertips.Our Roman blinds will fit neatly against your window, which means the blind performs well from a privacy perspective and also from an insulation point of view.

Custom Made Roman Blinds from Chais Lund

At Chais Lund the needs of our customer are at the forefront of our thoughts. We aim to deliver professional expertise and to help you to transform your home into what you desire. We realise that everyone has different tastes and preferences and therefore offer a wide variety of fabrics and styles in our Roman blinds. We understand that traditional blind fabrics may not fit with the décor of every home and therefore offer custom made curtain fabrics for our Roman blinds.


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