Roller Blinds in Perth from Chais Lund

Roller blinds are a modern, easy to use window covering. These blinds give the ability to control the amount of light entering a room and are perfect for a less formal, family style environment. Often referred to as Holland roller blinds, these blinds provide an understated look and are a discreet addition to a window. Here at Chais Lund, Perth, we offer custom made roller blinds in a number of fabrics, such as sunscreen, block-out, translucent and bonded blinds using curtain fabrics.

Sunscreen or Block-out Roller Blinds: Choosing the Right One

The roller blinds we offer at Chais Lund, Perth, cater for the different needs of our customer. Choosing block-out blinds means you form a barrier to prevent light entering your home and heat/cool air entering or escaping. Block-out roller blinds have a thick fabric which is not only stylish, but also gives protection against the rays of the sun in summer and helps to keep heat inside during winter. Block-out blinds are very popular for rooms where the desire is to keep the room as dark as possible.

In contrast with the block-out roller blinds, sunscreen roller blinds allow you to eliminate the glare and intensity of the sun while still enjoying the view outside. These blinds are ideal for areas where privacy is not a primary concern. When privacy is a priority, our translucent roller blinds offer the best of both worlds. These are made from a light weight fabric and allow for natural light to enter the room while still maintaining 100% privacy. These roller blinds are perfect for living areas of the home, as well as bathrooms.

Contact Us at Chais Lund for Professional Advice on Roller Blinds

At Chais Lund curtains and blinds Perth, we pride ourselves on our professional expertise. Should you have any questions regarding our range of roller blinds on offer, or the fabrics available, do not hesitate to contact one of our team.


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