4 Things to Consider When Choosing Kids Room Curtains
4 Things to Consider When Choosing Kid’s Room Curtains

As a specialist in selling all types of blinds and curtains in Perth, we are on hand to give advice on fabrics, drapes, hardware and measurements. One of the bedrooms that people can have a bit more fun with, is their child’s bedroom. Here we look at some of the key things to taken into consideration.


4 Things to Consider When Choosing Kids Room Curtains


Child Safety


Always remember that safety is paramount when it comes to decorating kids’ rooms, particularly for young children. Choose curtains where you do not have to utilise long cords or rods as children may pull the rods down on top of themselves or get caught up in the cords, which can be a strangulation hazard. If it doubt, do not use cords. A lighter curtain is better than a heavier drape. Ensure that the curtains you use are simple and do not include any small items that children could potentially swallow such as loose tassels, crystals, or buttons.


Gender & Age


Naturally a child’s gender and age range play a big part in selecting the aesthetics of their bedroom curtains. If you have 2 children of different ages sharing a room, then consider a neutral pattern such as a print or polka dots. If your child has their own room, then you have more options. Young children (under 5 for example) love bright colours and lots of patterns as they are seeing these things for the first time and find them fascinating. Older children prefer specific images from recognisable TV shows, books, cartoons, musical acts etc.


Material & Size


Choosing curtain material is not just about colour or patterns, what is really important is how heavy or lightweight the fabric is which will dictate how much or how little light comes into the room during the day. If you have a very big bright room, choose thicker fabrics if you think it is important to block light in the early evening, when trying to put young children to bed. If you have chosen a bright fabric and your room has lots of light, remember that light fades colour faster. If your children have allergies, take this into account; a natural lightweight fabric that is easy to machine wash, might be a better option for you. Luxury fabrics such as delicate silk are best suited to adult bedrooms. Very long curtains can be a hazard as children love to play and pull things down. If you opt for a shorter curtain, a nice option is to add a matching soft Roman blind as well to finish the window treatment.


Fun Factor


Yes you have to consider safety first and blocking out light, but also remember not to go over the top, after all this is a child’s room and anything goes. This is the one room in the house you can have fun with the décor as children will grow up it’s only for a short time anyway, so you might as well make the most of it. If your kids’ love ducks, buy curtains with ducks on them, if your kids’ love Peppa Pig, buy curtains with Peppa Pig on them, if you kids’ love One Direction.…….you have a much bigger problem than curtain choices!  In the end, it is all about what makes them happy.